The Story So Far (PII)

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My PACK IT IN shop over at has been up and running for just over two months now and i wanted to create a place where i can not only promote new packs and share with you the journey of a business start up, but perhaps spread the love in other ways.

So in short so far. I have always been a thoughtful gift giver, preferring to fill a gift box with many small goodies rather than giving one larger gift. I suppose i like to think that every time they will use that pen or light that candle, they will remember how much thought went into buying the 10-20 things that fitted perfectly into a well chosen paperchase box – I was always awesome at Tetris. So i had big, big plans for this business idea and they only increased after i got married. Bride & groom SOS packs, everything you could need for the big day, HUGELY successful and popular in America & Australia but i could only find DIY instructions for the UK, so after tying the knot, i took the plunge in another way, i went into business! sells a fair few types of packs for all different occasions, birthdays, thank yous.. and we have a whole wedding section! I have so many ideas for more packs but you have to make money to spend money, so watch this space with that..

I use Big Cartel to run my shop. I have a few different URLs pointing to the site for different target audiences. was my first love, i thought it was snappy and memorable. And although many people replied with ‘let me begin’ others looked at me puzzled. (Jump around was a genius club classic song by House of Pain, released in 1992 which has been used in tv, films & advertising consistently ever since. The starting words of this song being of course, “pack it up, pack it in, let me begin..”) SO for you lot that didn’t get it, i bought – self explanatory? Both work just as well.

So hopefully this little piece of the internet will prove as somewhere i can share things like business developments. But also share a good book or a great piece of DIY inspiration. I suppose the overall theme is giving and sharing the love.

I am Laura, by the way.