So Long, August (PII)


So this month has seen PACK IT IN feature in Print for the first time! But due to a huge rise in sales in CPWP, I haven’t had the time to pay the attention I would like to, to PACK IT IN.

This month we have an exciting launch via a lovely Wedding blog that you all know, which will also feature a giveaway!

So here is 5 or so things i will be packing in this month. (PUN)

1. Social Butterfly

Get the PII Facebook page more active! In this day and age you have to be really ontop of your game when it comes to social media. In my personal life I am a very flaky tweeter and a seasonal facebooker, (what happened to hand written letters & face to face business??) so it takes a lot of work for a novice like me to become a social (media) butterfly. But of course Facebook is one of the easiest ways to improve SEO & SEO = Sales.

2. High fliers

I have been traveling a lot more lately, and although business cards are great for meeting one to one, leaving fliers in a niche bar or pinned to a local community board can not only be invaluable, opportunist advertising, but it is FREE! So I am on the hunt for an eco friendly printing company.

3. Shop Window

After creating a few bespoke pieces recently, I have some great new pictures to go up on the website. Proof that we have really played a great part on previous wedding days is a great selling point for our bespoke service.

4. Lift Off

Hopefully our upcoming launch will generate lots more business and I hope to be tweeting from the rooftops once that post goes live. So lots of work this month will go towards publicizing our new products.

5. Filing.. Emails, not nails.

With 4 inboxes to keep up to date with, I haven’t yet mastered the reply and file technique, something I must work on!

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