Months ending in Brrrr, The C word & Insta-what?


Sunday is September 1st!

So on Sunday we start the slow but inevitable change into the months ending in ‘ber’ .. Just the sound of that makes me want to put on my biggest sweater & make myself a large hot chocolate (with cream). And of course this means the inevitable run up to Christmas.. can i talk about the C word yet? So the year is running away from us. And as the nights are drawing in and mornings are colder i am thinking about the month ahead.

So far, September holds a few lovely peoples birthdays, not one – but two family get-togethers, a not-so-little sister flying the nest & moving to the big smoke, friends visiting, a sponsored walk, impending DIY and an exciting launch date. So with the plans already mounting up, Lets make some goals.


Be healthy! This is my goal for every month; unfortunately I have a hell of a sweet tooth, but more than just eating right I need to get off my butt and get to the gym, I wouldn’t go and use the equipment but I like swimming & I like classes, so more of those this month!

Book work – I hope to pay some attention to the long list of books that are waiting to be read. I have a knee high pile, at best – not to mention the kindle waiting list.

Sociable hours – there are a few people I don’t see nearly enough and with my more than the average 9-5 job, two kittens & a husband. I don’t get our as much as I should, I need some girly movie nights, atleast one trip to topshop & to make the most of these sunny evening.

Take a day off! I work a lot, and when I don’t work I create other types of work for myself, from putting up photos around the house to cleaning out the garage (will that ever get done??) SO my goal for this month is to take one day OFF, no plans, no lists, no cleaning or DIY. Just one day.

Spring Clean. Can it be called Spring cleaning in September? Am I the only person who puts a box of clothes to one side thinking I will sell them on Ebay, or Amazon, barely worn dresses and unopened DVDs that could all donate a valuable fiver to our saving fund. Yet they sit there for weeks and months and the pile becomes bigger & more daunting. This month I will start shifting some bits!

On another note, to give this blog a kickstart, and to prove I am keeping to my goals, I will be taking part in a 30 day challenge & posting a photo which somes up my day every day. You can follow me on my new Instagram for a first glimpse.

(I only just became an Instagramer for 2 reasons, 1. Being my aforementioned inability to keep up with any social media source & 2. All these type of SM websites and a huge rise in blogging over the past few years mean anyone with a shutter on their phone can be a photographer, and I resent that. But it looks like I’m just one of the masses now!)