Meet Charly


Hi there!

I’m Charly. 25. Chatterbox. Fuss pot.

I live down south with my lovely friends, family (not all down south) and my cute little Scotty dog.

I love animals, being creative and having a good chuckle.

I’m big on girly things like cupcakes, Disney and pretty dresses, but i’m also big on horror films, computer games and going to gigs.

I love having nights out dancing away to cheesy music, but also love nights in with pizza and a movie in my PJs! Who doesn’t right?

I think that the little things matter most in life; and showing people you care about that – you, well…care! So rekindle with old friends, find and hug lost friends and make current ones pancakes!

I’m always up for an adventure, big or small; join me will you?!

A few things about me bee

CBstar I love to travel

CBstar I’ve adopted a great white shark and called her Luttie

CBstar I love to read and write and have had poems published

CBstar I have a Diploma in Interior Design

CBstar My biscuit of choice is a party ring

CBstar I love metal /punk /rock but I adore music by Dave McPherson and InMe

CBstar I have studied film, Media and photography

CBstar I have learnt sign language

CBstar My favourite season is autumn. Out comes my chunky scarf and mittens!

CBstar History fascinates me and if I were a dinosaur Id be a Triceratops.