Meet Tom


Why hello. My name is Tom and I’m 24.

Here are 10 facts about me:

1. I studied film at Falmouth University in Cornwall.
2. I live in Southampton at the moment but miss Cornwall and Falmouth like an amputated limb.
3. I’ve seen Annie Hall (Allen, 1977) more than any other film. (If pushed for an answer, I would probably say it is my favourite film.)
4. In a year I’ll hopefully be doing an MA in film studies.
5. I’ve been lucky enough to go to three All Tomorrow Parties holiday camp festivals where I saw, listened and danced to many of the bands and musicians who have changed my life; and I got to talk to and party with a few of them.
6. I’ve tried to write good music since I was about 15 but haven’t done too well so far. I was in a band in Falmouth called This Machine Kills Hippies and we made an alright album that you can listen to and download for free here:
7. I’ve lived in London and visited Paris, Berlin and New York. I want to visit more cities.
8. One day I want to drive from New York across to San Francisco (not, though, for reasons inspired by Jack Kerouac and On The Road).
9. Like most people, I spend more time then I should watching videos of animals on youtube.
10. I really, really love football and am a Manchester United fan.