Bloggers Bake

The Great British Bake Off, We love it!

& if Mary Berry running her fork through a freshly baked slice of victoria sponge doesn’t make you want to get your apron on, what will?

I am a terrible baker, i can barely make fairy cakes, and icing is certainly out of the question. So i thought i would share with you some bloggers that can bake; Just click on the image for the recipe!

Milk bubble tea

Becky makes the most delicious concoctions on her blog with super simple instructions and the most beautiful pictures!

 Doubel choc oreo brownie

Hersheys kisses cookies

A Beautiful Mess

Recipes are only one of the things sisters Elsie & Emma produce a huuge array of on their blog, if you can cope with the American measurements translation, take a look.

cake pops

Rocky road cupcakes in a cone

Being Little

is run by Lyzi who makes a whole bunch of different recipes, sweet & savory. From quick lunch fixes to Whisky cupcakes.

being little recipe

What Olivia Did
Everything Olivia does is just beautiful, so why wouldn’t her recipes be?? Talk about perfect.. With beautiful photographs and a real mixture of recipes, take a look.


Whimsy Online
Is a new website, they only have a few recipes up at the moment but i am sure there are more on the way!
whimsy banana dipped recipe

Elevator Musik
Gill at Elevator Musik posted this favourite of ours a little while ago, don’t they look delicious?
Elevator musik mars biscuits

What i heart today

And finally, for all of you as terrible at baking as me, lily has come up with a great solution – no oven necessary!