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Well I guess I am packitinn’s travel contributor. And I do like to travel. I like it because I have no idea what I should be doing with my life and my parent’s both travelled the world and they’re pretty swell people; I like it because the world is so big and if I stayed in one place my whole life I’d feel like I was doing it a great injustice.

I moved to Thailand 4 months ago to be a teacher at a high school. I would say that this decision has its ups and downs. I gave up quite a lot to be here but I wouldn’t change that decision for the worlllddd. I love my job and the kids I teach and I love Thailand. It’s literally a completely different world, not just to look at, but the way people act, the food they eat. As if anyone in England would contemplate rice for breakfast… not like rice pudding or Muller rice yoghurts, but actual rice served with meat or fish. It takes a lot of getting used to. But I like that. Sometimes I even like the language barrier, because it makes getting anywhere ten times harder, but it feels like a much bigger accomplishment when you actually get there.

However, it goes without saying that I miss a lot from home, so my first post is going to be a top 10 of the things I miss most about England :)

Top 10 Things I Miss From Home

1. Not having the air con on constantly. I hate air con. Hate isn’t even a strong enough word. At home I sleep with the window wide open and no mosquitoes bite me. But here that is not a viable option soooo the only alternative is aircon unless I want to sleep in a 35-degree room, which I don’t. But it’s loud and dry and blows cold air directly where I sleep.

2. People. People. People. People. People. I miss my mum and my brother and my dad and every single one of my friends. I don’t know how people travelled in the olden days when there was no Skype or Viber or email or Whatsapp. I can’t even find the post office in Thailand to post 2 letters I’ve had since April. But I suppose the bright side is I appreciate everyone a lot and I know when I see them again it will be so, so, soooo nice. It’ll make going home much more bearable.

3. I miss English shops. I hate to say it but I miss Topshop and Urban Outfitters and H&M. (I know H&M isn’t English, but I know where there are at least 10 in England so it basically counts) there’s good shops in Bangkok but Bangkok is such a maze that I am yet to find them and I can’t see that I ever will.

4. I don’t miss it yet but I know I will miss Costa’s Christmas speciality lattes. Last night when I was going to sleep I was thinking about how I never drink hot drinks in Thailand and how Costa’s speciality salted caramel Latte is my favourite drink in the world and I won’t get to have one this year. That made me a little sad.

5. Marmite. I feel like this needs no explanation.

6. Wearing warm clothes. I miss woolly hats and cosy jumpers and boots and leggings.

7. Beans on toast. Thai food is the nicest but sometime I just really want something plain and boring that isn’t even rice or noodles, and baked beans on toast is exactly that. It’s really just a metaphor for English food; I could probably live without beans on toasts if you get me.

8. I miss the cinema. I am a huge, huge, huge cinema-goer. I love it, and whilst the cinema in Bangkok is super nice and so VIP, I never really get to go. There are so many films I haven’t seen that I’ll never get to see on the big screen. Although it is kind of nifty that you have to stand up at the beginning of a film for the King’s anthem – I like that. And they give you a free drink and a blanket. And the seats are way more comfy than English cinema.

9. I miss my house and cooking food and watching TV on the sofa. Well, in Thailand where I live is quite nice and I have maids who do my washing and make my bed and clean and stuff, which is lovely and I am not one bit domestic so I do really appreciate it. However, I do quite like cooking and I like to wander around my house in my pyjamas and here I only have one room and an en suite so wandering really isn’t a possibility. I haven’t cooked anything in exactly 4 months and 3 days; I think I’ve probably got worse at cooking.

10. I miss my pets. My dog has died since I’ve been here and I’m so sad about it. She was such a lovely dog and she was so happy and I said goodbye to her when I left but I never got to say a proper goodbye and now I never will. I have 2 of the best cats ever and another little dog and I miss them a lot, but mostly I miss Sally.Untitled

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