Monday Mixtape


Hello, I’m Tom and I’ll be bringing the weekly Mix Tape.

This week I thought I would begin with a mix tape to introduce myself to you, dear reader/listener. So I’ve chosen 7 of my all time favourite tracks so you get to know what I like a little bit. Obviously, these are not the seven tracks I would chose above all else but it is a good mix tape to start off. Put it this way, if I met someone who said they hated one of these songs I would definitely have to spend a moment wondering whether to continue speaking to them (not for snobbish reason, but it would be a like that person saying they hated my best friend). Anyway, hope you enjoy mix and I’ll be back next week, possibly with a themed mix but we’ll see how the week takes me.
So here is the first Mix Tape for you:

1. Spiritualized – Ladies and Gentlemen We’re Floating in Space

If God exists, this song was passed to us by God to allow us a glimpse of what eternal bliss in paradise will be like.

2. Billie Holiday – Autumn in New York

I defy you to not fall in love with song. The gentle, gliding music accompanied by Holiday’s velvet voice captures the autumnal landscape of New York City as well as seeing it with your own eyes.

3. The Magnetic Fields – Strange Powers

Compiling even a short list of my favourite songs has to include at least one song by The Magnetic Fields. I opted for ‘Strange Powers’ but could have included any of a dozen other songs. This particular track has all that makes them a great band: brilliant song craft, non-sentimental but wonderfully romantic lyrics, humour, and off-centre production.

4. Morphine – Cure For Pain

If you were asked whether a band whose instruments were drums, a two string bass guitar and a baritone saxophone would sound so lush and full bodied you probably wouldn’t believe it. But, here is the proof. A song about dependency and, as the title says, pain, but with deprecating humour and gorgeous music.

5. Animal Collective – Fireworks

Like The Magnetic Fields, I could have easily chosen a dozen songs by Animal Collective, who, for me, are one of the greatest bands to have graced the world. Animal Collective will make future mix tapes but, for this one, I’ve chosen Fireworks. It’s ineffable why this song moves me so much but since the moment it first hit my ears I have been swooning with this track.

6. Deerhunter – Desire Lines

Simple, pulsating, restrained but remarkably free, Desire Lines is immaculate. One of the few Deerhunter tracks not written by Bradford Cox, one of the best songwriters around today, lead guitarist Locket Pundt is the songwriter and produces probably their best song. When I saw Deerhunter perform this track, even Bradford agreed.

7. Elliott Smith – Say Yes

Anything I could write in the few lines I have available, or even if I had an unlimited word count, would never explain how incredibly perfect this song is. What seems simple at first reveals after repeated listening to be remarkable, both musically and lyrically. Listen, take it in and enjoy; it is because of songs like this we fall in love with music.

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