There is a god; and he comes in the form of Teapigs Popcorn tea.


The smart ones amongst you will already know that we sell Teapigs in our marvelous gift packs. They are a great company to work with as well as a brilliant product to sell.

If you’re like me and you think the idea of fruit tea is great but find all the supermarket brands gross, you will love teapigs. Without trying to sound like a preacher, they use actual flower buds and whole leafs, you can see these things in the teabags.. not just ground up powder! This makes the flavour so much more natural. You can buy a pic n mix selection on their website, chose your 12 flavours and they send you a (very cute) sample box of each for just £12.50 (plus postage) (click here)

So here are a few flavours i can recommend:

Green Tea with Mint: my Day 10 post showed me drinking this in the biggest mug i could find.. If you hate the taste of green tea, but force yourself to drink the miracle drink because of its weight loss or anti aging promises, then this is the drink for you. The mint covers that terrible taste and still gives you all of the benefits of magical green tea. I can also vouch for the fact that it peps up an otherwise slow Tuesday morning.

Popcorn Tea: Yes, there is a god; and he comes in the form of Teapigs Popcorn tea. This stuff is really delicious, it does taste like sugarpuffs (it even says on the website) My issue with dieting is finding something after dinner to keep my sweet tooth at bay & this does the trick.

Pure Lemongrass Tea: This one, i like with a squeeze of fresh lemon in. It’s very citrusy anyway and is great for a detox, you can feel it refreshing and is said to aid digestion.

Peppermint Tea: I think this is my ultimate favourite. It is fresher than the green tea with mint and almost as guilt free. It’s a great cleanser and good for any tummy trouble, i give these out in our bride and groom SOS packs to calm a nervous stomach. It is also said to eradicate bad breath. I find the Teapigs tea thicken the water more than supermarket brands, and especially with this one. The flavour is in the water and not just the smell.

Everyday Brew: Now i drink alot of normal tea as well as the fancy bits you see above. So i knew Teapigs everyday brew would be something special – i was right. It is rich and flavorful. I love a strong cup of tea and this doesn’t disappoint. However it is pricey, and i couldn’t drink it as my everyday tea, just a special treat :)

This isn’t a sponsored post, it’s me telling you, readers, about teapigs saving the world of flavoured tea. Go and order a little mix & match selection pack and see for yourself.