Material World


I suppose you could say i am really interested in other peoples belongings..
in university i did a lot of work with ‘rehomed items.’ It probably sounds crazy but there is a fair amount of literature on the lives or biographies of items, Whether it be a priceless family airloom passed from generation, to generation; or a child’s toy which gets passed to the next family each time a young child out grows it’s use.
This fascination does stem from my background, which i won’t bore you with. Vintage shops, charity shops, i don’t look for bargains, i like to find the broken items with the most scratches, dents & signs of wear and give them a home. Especially Cameras, Imagine what these things have seen!

Anyway, have i made my self sound crazy enough yet? The relationship people have with material things is so interesting to me. Although i have a house FULL of beautiful old cameras & charity shop finds, i feel as though my home is where they are going to retire, and that i am saving them.. yep. Definitely a nutter.. So i’ll call it Material world, & i’ll show you more about the relationship between US & Material things.
And i won’t bore you any more than this, i promise.