Material World: The Burning House

The burning House

(part of Material World)

Has everyone heard of this yet? If not, why not?
The burning house is a website which has been up and running for some years now, the idea is that you photograph what you would save in a fire & upload it to the site with a list explanation – it’s that easy.
It’s so interesting to look through what people would save, the battle between heart & head.. from a mountain of technology – laptops, ipads, phones.. even kindles, to the sentimental savers – photographs, grandads old watch & your first stuffed animal to the survival instinct – bottles of water, candles & matches..
I’m sorry to say that all my decisions would be made with my heart. I have a (rather large) box in my wardrobe which is filled with everything i can’t bear to throw away, concert tickets, notes passed back in school, mix CDs.. maybe i would grab that.
Assuming my specs are on my face, my wedding ring is on my finger & i am fully dressed. I would collect the following:


My cats would be shoo’d down the stairs with me (J is big enough to look after himself)
My Iphone: a no brainer, and not because i can use it to play candy crush & photograph my cats, but because it is my contact to everyone i love.. and i would need a place to stay, right?
My car key – self explanatory.
I have a grand total of about 50 cameras strewn around the house. At this second i would chose this one because it belonged to my husbands late nanny and i am finishing off a film left over from her. This is the most sentimental choice for me.
Soft toy! I am one of those people :( My dad bought me this pound puppy for my second birthday & he still lives on my bed at 24 (does he look a bit grubby?)
My Macbook, This is 100% about the photographs and files that live on my mac, rather than being able to tweet about my house being on fire. (realizing i need to make a new back up asap)

My Polaroid Collection: I have a collection of photographs which are irreplaceable such as polaroids & photobooth pictures.

There are many flaws with this plan, one of many being that my cats are heavy as hell and i’d never be able to catch them both at the same time.. (they are both house cats, terrified of the outside world) plus each of these items are strewn across our three story town house.. I suppose the interesting thing about this, is you can take time to consider what you would take, where as in a fire you would have no time. It really would be split second decisions. I honestly think all i would be worried about is Jack and my girls (cats) being safe.

You can visit The Burning House website here.

You will get to read more about the contents of that huge box and my polaroid collection soon enough :)