DAY 13: The Adorable Iceberg

Today i didn’t take a single photograph all day, what a fail!!

I spent the morning in a sales meeting, learning about getting better at my first job, it was full of business people in suits and it didn’t seem right to start snapping.

Afterwards i ventured into Basingstoke.. now i am from Southampton, we have West Quay and an awesome highstreet so i never need to stray too far when searching for a fashion fix, other than the rare trip into Winchester and the even rarer shlepp up to London, West Quay is all i need. That was untill i set foot in festival place, it’s huuuuge, a much bigger Toppers than we have at home, shops i have never heard of, loads of homeware stuff.. be still my shopaholic heart. I didn’t have long to spend there unfortunately but i will definitely be going back ASAP.

Anyway, for today’s photo, i have a throwback thursday video for you, thank me later.

This is Josie, I can’t even believe she was ever this small. And from my photo archives, this is just the tip of the (adorable) iceberg..