Very superstitious!


While traveling to Devon for a short family trip last weekend (the first together in a long time) I sat in the car, watching pretty little liars on my kindle, (one of my current TV loves) I was thinking about what I could do for my second blog.

I bobbed along in the back of the car that was filled up with all we could chuck in, passing a little chef (did not know they were still going) and finely arrived at our destination.


We did random bits and bobs on our trip. I spent a lot of the time in the pool in our rented cottage with my nieces and nephew and we went to a little farm that was adorable, but I loved our trip to a haunted pub! I knew then what I wanted to write about.

I love anything spooky and love a good ghost story so I was thrilled to be in such a lovely place with such wonderful history overlooking a beautiful old church.


Waking today, realising what day it is and how clumsy I am, I prepared myself for a day of bumps and bruises.

So, as this arrives to you on Friday the 13th I have supplied a list of good luck charms and remedies for you to ward of any bad luck as well as a few pics from Devon. Enjoy!


Happy Friday the 13th!

¨     Keys

Keys are lucky because they are thought to unlock opportunities and new ventures!


¨     Anchor

Weighing you down in troubled waters! This is my personal favorite good luck symbol!


¨     Four-Leaf Clover

The most well-known symbol the leaf abounds with luck if you can find one!


¨     Horseshoe
A Horseshoe symbolizes good luck and fertility, hang over your front door


¨     Rainbow

“See a rainbow in the sky today, and all your bad luck will wash away”


¨     Lavender

It is traditional to plant lavender in your garden or at your front door for luck


¨     The number 7

Seven is an age old lucky number. Is it any wonder that snow white lived with seven dwarfs?


¨     Cat’s eye stone

To ward of bad luck and evil spirits and it’s really pretty! Bonus!


¨     Salt

A circle of salt around you will ward of evil…maybe a little too messy to do at home.


¨     A penny

See a penny pick it up! This is super lucky if you have a penny with your birthday on.


Love Charly Bee bee

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