Kate Travels: Things that you should most definitely take with when travelling

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Things that you should most definitely take with when travelling:


  1. Camera. It is important to be able to document your travels. My favourite type of camera really is the disposable kind but imagine how many you’d need for a whole year away from home.
  2. Bug spray. The amount I hate mosquitoes is not even an amount I can put into words. If every mosquito alive dropped dead right this second I would not even be a tiny bit sad.
  3.  A sleeping bag liner. It goes without saying that you may have to occasionally sleep in some not-very-nice places and if you have a sleeping bag liner then you don’t have to even touch anything.
  4.  Sun cream and moisturiser. Asians put whitening in practically all of their skincare products. Need I say more? But they don’t tend to believe in suncream and it’s hard to get trusted brands outside of very popular tourist places. However (unsound medical advice ALERT) the longer you travel for, the browner you get and the browner you get the less you have to wear suncream.
  5.  A hoodie with a super, super big hood. Sometimes you will be forced to sleep on a coach/van/boat/plane and people are noisy and lights are bright on public transport, I always like to pull the hood over my face so nobody can see me and nap. I’m so good at sleeping these days.
  6.  Audio books and headphones. When I was away before I put the lord of the rings audiotapes on my iPhone and when I put them on, it literally took about 3 minutes before I was fast asleep, I never even made it past chapter 2. Also, music is an essential. It’s quite amazing how you can forever associate a song with a place.
  7.  Phrasebooks and guidebooks. You shouldn’t go anywhere unprepared because some places are kind of dangerous. Sometimes as well, people are more inclined to help you if you speak a little of their language. ALSO you don’t want to miss out on something a-maze-ing by not researching someone well enough.
  8.  $$$$$$$$. Also serious; you should have a backup card with enough for a flight home because you never know when you’ll need it. It’s a safety net.
  9.  Enough pairs of pants. I feel this is equally as serious as the previous 2. Pants are hard to come by in Asia. I like to buy pants from trusted shops and don’t think ‘oh I can buy pants anywhere’ BECAUSE YOU CAN’T. Bring 30 pairs if necessary and forgo shoes or a hairdryer.
  10.  Sssuuuunnnngllllaaassssessss. Ok so Asia is kind of famed for cheap knock off sunglasses but if you have super sensitive eyes like mine and you need sunglasses on 99% of the time then bring some with you.

Things you don’t need: too much makeup (it’s so hot it runs right off your face), too many clothes (you’ll buy so much here and it’s way more practical and so bloody cheap), books (they are HEAVY, and the trick is to grab them from hostels and then leave them at the next one along, which is not stealing, or use iBooks or a kindle obvs), heels/fancy shoes, anything too valuable, laptop (I have mine because I’m working but if I wasn’t, there’s no way I’d bring my mac halfway across the world, it’s kinda heavy and the most expensive thing I own), don’t bring expensive sunglasses (unless you are very good at looking after them, I break a pair basically every month), infact don’t bring anything too expensive at all.

Obviously there is a lot more stuff you should take with you. But this list is the stuff I think is most important. It’s for comfort AND convenience and, sometimes, just so you can get a good nap in between exciting things.

I hope this is useful :)

Love Kate

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