So this week is the first week i have been reaching for my coat, having to actively stop myself from turning the heating on & switching from pajama shorts to pajama trousers.
If any of you lot are feeling the chill of autumn upon us; here are a few ways to keep warm, because it’s only going to get colder!!

1. Hot Drinks

Sir Arthur Pinero once said, “Where there is tea, there is hope” & we agree, whether you like yours green, fruity or with 3 sugars it’ll warm you up and wake you up, especially with a biscuit or 2.

Cup of tea

2. The biggest, warmest coat you can find.
Preferably with a hood, and if you can coax your pets into one as well, all the better.

cat in a coat

3. Slipper Socks
There is nothing worse than cold feet, physically or metaphorically. After a long summer of fancy coloured toe nails, flip flops in tall grass and paddling in the sea – give your feet a winter rest.
slipper socks

4. Duvet Days
Everyone needs a duvet day now and then, i’m sure it’s not just me that finds it harder and harder to leave my bed as the winter mornings draw in, just another 5 minutes?
Duvet Day

5. Hot Dinners
Casserole, Roast Dinner, Hot Soup, cook yourself a winter warmer (some great autumnal recipes if you click through below)


6. Hot Water Bottles
Not just for when you’re poorly, you can get teeny discreet ones for your cold hands or huge ones to take to bed with you – love these designs! (you can buy these here)
Hot water Bottle Covers

7. Bubble Bath
Take a good book and a light snack in with you and settle in for the night. For me, there are very few better things to be doing on cold rainy night that to be up to my ears in bubbles with a good book.

8. Sitting by the fire
If you’re lucky enough to have one, if not, make friends with someone who does, preferably a really big open fire place, with plenty of room to sit and laze.
by the fire

9. Scarf & Mittens
Winter essentials, surely?
Panda Mittens

10. Hot chocolate!!!
A different realm from hot drinks, the hot chocolate is more of a meal, of course you must have marshmallows and cream, maybe chocolate sprinkles.. biscuits… what else can we add??
Hot Chocolate

11. Furry Friends
Don’t forget about mans best friend, they can often be the best thing to snuggle up to on a cold winters day.
dog cuddle

Stay warm readers!