Tiger Store


On our visit to Basingstoke last weekend, J & I discovered a shop neither of us had heard of – pretty rare for us, especially considering Tiger have 243 stores across 19 countries.

The items in the window were enough for us to start writing a mental shopping list from the outside. Two of my favourite things to shop for are homeware & stationary & Tiger has these in abundance. As well as kids toys, art supplies and all sorts of little bits and bobs, everything you didn’t know you needed..

We filled a basket up, and our total surprisingly didn’t break the bank.


We bought some nestings shelve set which is 3 box shelves, each smaller than the other which go on the wall, very cute and only £8 ! A box, i always need boxes, and cute geometric patterns are my weakness.. This frog is my ultimate favourite, he sits by your kitchen sink and holds a scrubber brush and a sponge in his mouth ! A globe pencil sharpener, because i have been looking for a real vintage globe for what feels like forever and this is the closest i have found so far.. an elephant tape dispenser, it needs no explanation really? Stationary is my adiction.. leading nicely on to the post it house, the roof opens to reveal note paper & a couple of washi tapes, i have quite a collection now, but at £1 for 2, i couldn’t resist. Mail collector, again, something i have been looking for in vintage format for a little while.. this cute thing will do for now. An electric milk frother, jacks choice, i have one now but it is huge and clunky, this looks like it will be much more accesable. and finally, mr & mrs salt & pepper shakers !



My favourite thing about Tiger is that everything is priced between £1 & £30, with no pennies.. I am sitting here imagining all the things i almost bought, like this heart shaped alarm clock, a mirrored shelf & this harlequin china tin.. (which i can’t find on their website) i think i need to go back ASAP.