Day 20: IOS 7


Day 20: My morning saw updates on all my Apple software, and contrary to popular opinion, i LIKE IOS 7, i have never used any other phone, a HTC or an android, so i don’t compare to them, but i think it’s pretty – and i am a girl after all; It looks sleeker and less clumsy. The app logos are a little cartoon-y & bright, but i don’t mind that. I haven’t had any bugs so far. I love the new camera adjustments, the whole screen view, the ease of buttons and especially the editing & filters. I am not tech savvy at all, but if it makes my life easier then i am all for it, and this update seems to make things run a little smoother.

Today was also one of those days when i think of food alllll day, so i thought i better get myself off to the gym. Did a body sound class, still aching from Tuesday wasn’t my brightest idea, today i am all sorts of achey – but at least it means it’s working! Coming home to this book, which i am loving (everything by John Green is a winner for me) and looking forward to the weekend !