Material World: Boxing Clever


As part of the Material World series, i recently showed you what i would save if my house where to go up in smoke (The Burning House). As part of what i would save was a mysterious big black box – i suppose it measure roughly 50 x 30 x 30 and it lives in the bottom of my jungle-like wardrobe.

So from the above image i will go around clock wise from top left – you can click to make the picture bigger.

Left is all plane ticket stubs, when i was 16 my parents moved to Portugal with my brother & sister, i stayed in England to finish my education but flew out to visit once a month for a long weekend – that’s a lot of visits over 3 years. Next are tickets, concert & football tickets mainly – on top is VIP tickets from Blink-182 in Mountain View, Cali. Death Cab, Jimmy eat world, Brand New.. I only have two childhood musical loves that i have never seen live (Dashboard confessional & Something Corporate – slim chance.)

Then we have a collection of notes, these are everything from hand written letters from friends going through a rough time to post it notes left from my family visiting England (my dad & brother used to leave me notes around my house for me to find) My favourite is on top, a class note from a very dear friend.

(A runner up being a shopping list Kate & I wrote some years ago, a post it note reminding me not to forget my lunch from Jen, which she used to leave on the kettle for me in the mornings & a small note paper threatening the life of my pic n’ mix if i didn’t return a hidden bank card from an old work colleague, Jon.)

Polaroids, Instax & photobooth strips, i have a huge collection of these – i will be doing a full post on them at some point.

Believe it or not, this next thing is a deflated inflatable banana, there’s a funny story behind this which i will keep to myself but i met a very important person through this.. Ontop of said banana is a collection of friendship bracelets & festival wrist bands, one time i went to reading & leeds festival in the same weekend – but that’s another story.

Treasure island golf score card is from mini golf on the first date i ever had with my hubbie (i won.) This sits on a few important CD’s.

This yellow highlighter is a personal one. My room sign from when i was a littlen.’ The playing cards, there are 3, were given to us durin’ a magic trick some years ago, my dad, my mum and i all signed one each. Some gift tags from Jack & I’s first christmas together.

The red napkin – Tom Delonge’s sister, Kari handed me this napkin, so i have always kept it, the plectrums are from blink, ava & +44 shows over the years.

And finally a few important note books, my year book from school, a photo book.. etc.

This isn’t even all of the bits in the box, some are a little far fetched to include, but rest assured, if you have meant something to me in the past 20 years or so, there will be a chunk of you in this box.

Have i ever mentioned that i am sentimental as hell?