Charly: London and all that jazz!

This week has been full of family birthdays! My little niece turned three on Tuesday, while my other niece turns ten today. They’re so grown up, and I had lots of fun playing with their birthday pressies, maybe more so than they did.


At the weekend, my BFF and I went up to London to watch Wicked! Such an amazing musical. Despise my cold, that I’m sure I caught from the lady sat next to me during the show, I have been attempting to sing along to all my many musical soundtracks, to the delight of my family and colleges. This week I have also been doing my usual writing! So for you all, here is my latest poem to add to my ever -growing pile of them. I’m hoping that it will inspire you to get your pen and paper out.

Charly bee xx


Tie up the laces on your shoes

And I shall tie the sash on my dress

Together these knots will bind everlasting

And we shall entwine our fingers accordingly

With our eagerness, we go ever north

Following that star that is so poignant

Wrap that scarf around you tightly

And I shall button up my coat erratically

The night draws quickly and un-shameful

Your breath lingers warmly on my neck

And with this, we walk on further hastily

The winter comes close

I feel the bite as he surfaces

These dark and early nights bring me joy

So place your hat on snuggly

And I shall place on my gloves excitedly

So with this we come to the four corners

The place we started out from, all those years ago

Marching on with our radiated hearts

I glance once more at you

We soon shall arrive at our destination

The moons beams tell me we’re on track

So place your heart on my sleeve

And I shall put my faith in your hands.

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