This Week i have been loving :

London Grumblr – I saw someone link to think on twitter this week and spend a good half hour flicking through back posts. (If you go back far enough you come to The OC territory!)

From Roses Instagram – The prettiest girl taking the prettiest photograph – you can tell she has a degree in the arts :)

Candy Crush – Yep, i’m one of THOSE people.

New Nikes – If it was okay to wear them to bed, i would.

Fruit Bowl Yoghurt Fruit Flakes – Yummers

THIS dress – So i gave in and bought it, i am aware it is very likely i will bump into 3 people wearing it whilst just in the supermarket, but look how cute! I missed out on this one however, boohoo.

Christmas Products – at Pack it in we have some GREAT christmas pack ideas on the go and i have been shopping for some lovely product ideas this week – my lips are (reluctantly) sealed !

This Song – you can call me queen bee.

The IO7 Update – Oh, i really like it. I’m finding excuses to make calls because the circular buttons are so perfect.

Kates Travel – They get more hits than any other posts here on the blog, like a comical geography lesson, i have a very talented friend, go read!