Day 30:


SO this 30 day challenge kind of flitted out towards the end.. The thing is, although my life is busy and everyday i get to work on quite different aspects of my jobs – it’s not exactly the most photogenic. Most days i sit here at this desk – which is not a particularly attractive desk and i work and work and then i go home, and in those hours before finishing a long day of work and crawling into bed, i don’t always do something worth photographing.

I can give you a recap on this weekend however, if you would like. Saturday we spent the morning lazing around, we watched cartoons and i taught Jack how to make scrambled eggs (yes, really). We took my nan out to lunch and had a look round the shops in Wickham.. Then we watched Swansea V Arsenal at my mum & dads and had dinner there. Sunday we went up to London! I took J for his first Breakfast club (as above, delicious!) and we did a little bit of shopping before meeting up with Sam & Beth, Jacks brother and soon to be sister in law. It was just lovely to see them, We got home early enough for an episode of Gossip Girl before bed and now it is Monday, as if that all happened in as smaller space as it is written..