October: snazzy lycra, caramel macchiatos & clock watching

hello October

So maybe you’ll remember, at the very end of August i posted my personal monthly goals for September.

Well i am looking at my diary and can’t quite believe that October has crept up on me so quickly. So i know you’re all dying to know whether i have been sticking to my goals so i will tell you –

Be Healthy, mainly eating well & going to more gym classes, this is a massive yes and i am pretty proud of that. I have been squeezing in trips to the swimming pool (even reworking my hair wash schedule to fit) doing body balance and even gave spinning a go. I also invested in some Nike sneakers & some snazzy lycra bits to spur me on.

Reading more; I feel like i have consistently been reading every night but i am only reaching the end of 1 not particularly long book.. so i suppose i haven’t done too well on that front, and while we’re at it, i haven’t even looked at the pile of clothes in the garage – in fact i have added more to the pile. I’m hoping with the winter hours drawing in i will have more time at home to work on both of these.. i also did not manage to take a full day off, and with the diary stacking up it’s looking unlikely that this will happen.. ever.

So this month, there is plenty i want to work on, i am feeling particularly proactive as i type this:

Take more photos, i’ve got to admit, i don’t DO that much during the week. But after a comment from my sister, about my instagram making me look like the crazy cat lady (since when was that a bad thing??) I want to make more effort to document things.

Stop wishing days away, I work in an office during the day, and if you say you wouldn’t rather be at home or in Topshop with your bff and a caramel macchiato, you’re lying. But i am certainly guilty of clock watching. Weeks are speeding past me and i need to be more present.

XMAS – you can hate me all you want but i cannot stand the lead up to Christmas, don’t get me wrong, i love Christmas but the hour wait for a parking space, the queues a mile long to pay for anything – if you can find anything left that is. All my Christmas shopping will be done by December 1st and my list is already being written, So when you are all dashing into town on Christmas eve, i will have my penguin socks on with a massive hot chocolate.

Only 3 this month, but the previous goals still stand,

have a happy October !

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