monthly goals (PII)


Some days i can come into work, sit at my desk, work my way through my mountainous todo list quite successfully. Other days my brain is like a 4 year old child with ADHD. Today, for example, i decided my header on the shop is not big enough, so i start working on making that bigger (a little more complicated than it sounds, because of strict margins on big cartel), then i realise i haven’t pinned anything since last week, so i start scrolling through pinboards.. then an email of leads from a recent press event come in, so i start sending them and get about half way through before i have a lighting flash Christmas pack idea, so i open my Christmas files and start typing – then a tweet comes through and i am reading a blog post and then i find a great company who i want to write a blog post on, so i start that. THIS IS TODAY SO FAR. (although this post wont go up until next Tuesday, today is Wednesday) I am yet to complete one of these jobs, i keep thinking of things to add to my list; anyway i am even off topic for this post!

Things to focus on this month, i feel like this month has been pretty slow on the sales side of things. The bathroom basket launch wasn’t as wildly successful as i had hoped & wedding season is well and truly coming to an end. However with Christmas around the corner, (sorry scrooges) I really hope we can make some sort of a mark with that, Without further procrastination, my goals for PACK IT IN this month:

Making a list, checking it twice..: So i AM an overly organised person and i have in fact already started my Christmas shopping. But in terms of retail, you really have to plan ahead to be anywhere near successful. Christmas in July.. not quite. But i do plan to make a detailed plan of attack when it comes to taking the Christmas market by storm this year. So planning some great marketing & making up some even better packs.

Twitter nights, i made the decision this week to combine my personal twitter account with the PACK IT IN account. I always feel like i can relate to a business if it is on a more personal level and hopefully this way i can meet some more people and all in all be a more interesting account to follow.

Website improvements, I have been working on a proper home page for the shop for a little while now. We have 3 types of clientele, Brides & grooms, gift givers & blog readers. I want to find a way to make it easier to get exactly what you want from our homepage without having to search too hard. This being said, BC doesn’t support a home page which isn’t a product list so this is an over riding code i am writing from scratch – wish me luck.

More marketing: the bane of my life. I am by no means a marketeer, however, i also, by no means, have enough money to hire a marketing company. So this means it’s up to me. I am already reading all of the articles, watching youtube videos.. marketing is a full, full time job for a team of people.. So yes, this probably will be on every monthly goals i write, but this month i want to focus on a little something, maybe postcard size that i can leave in places i go and hand out to interested parties. I also need to make more business cards – i decided to print my cards myself as i wanted to use the same fully recycled and recyclable Kraft paper our boxes & tags are made out of. Time consuming, but it looks pretty snazzy.

Website Views: I was debating whether to include this or not, because i think this number increases gradually if you are doing all the other things correctly.. Each day, this blog regularly hits a good number of views -for it’s age. However the shop is much more static with no new content, so of course views will be less frequent, most visitors are first time visitors. There is, however, a noticeable increase in views when i am more active with social media, so although the action is to keep up with social media, keep posting my link, etc. The aim is to keep the shop views to a certain minimum number each day. And hope that the minimum number can keep increasing each week.

I hope these monthly goal updates will help keep a diary of things i have done throughout the month, and gradually as the business grows, be a record of how to grow a business successfully..that’s the overall goal anyway.

Happy October folks, stay warm.

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