Charly: Ten Classic horrors

October is here! And up and coming is Halloween, a day always marked under my calendar with lots of exclamation marks!!!

With it being Halloween month, a rundown of a few classic horror films seems appropriate, as they say the classics never die!

Start your preparation early for Halloween, any of these films are sure to get you in the mood, grab your popcorn and turn the lights off!

Charly bee xx bee


Carrie -1976

Poor Carrie White gets her revenge at the prom, her change from GEEK to EEEK! Never ceases to amaze me.


The exorcist- 1973

In my opinion, one of the best and scariest horror films to be made. A shocker for its time that can still make any horror fan tremble. Grab your pillow to hid behind, and wait for that iconic scene!



Some scenes where you have to ask yourself “did that just happen?” Classic 80’s horror. Watch out guys “THEY’RE HERRREEE!”


Evil dead- 1981

Wonderfully weird, this film will make you rethink walking in the woods ever again!


A nightmare on elm street-1984

Trying to stay awake is hard enough without this dude climbing into your dreams.



Watch out this Halloween, you never know who is lurking around the corner, lock your doors, someone’s coming-a-knockin!


The shining- 1980

If you have seen it yet or not, you will know this iconic face from the film. Adapted from Steven kings book, this films is a never ending classic.


Silence of the lambs-1990

Great acting creates the mood in this film, a haunting film paving the way in the 90s for horrors to live up to.


Night of the living dead-1968

Kick starting of the zombie genre influencing many other films, remember to look at it as it was then, different and scary!



Beautifully filmed and spooky, this films music creates a haunting atmosphere.

Happy October! x

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