Photo Wall


If you didn’t already know, i like photographs. I do have a degree in photography.. and i like to think i know quite a bit about it. The first thing i knew i wanted on getting our first place together was a photo wall. When i was younger i lived with my best friend Kate & her family and her mum had this wonderful wall of photographs at the end of the kitchen which she would chop and change as events passed, i distinctly remember going quad biking for some family event and feeling so proud when my ugly mug made that wall. She has even lovelier one in her house now – i owe a lot to the lovely Jenny.

Anyway, i suppose this was my original inspiration. I knew i wanted all sorts of mismatched frames and i picked most of mine up from charity shops, house clearances and my nannys incessant need to throw out anything if she doesn’t feel she NEEDS it.

I know a lot of the frames are wonky, nothing lines up properly and it doesn’t spread the whole width of the wall (yet) but that’s all a part of the charm. My tips if you wish to have something like this in your house:

– You need a big, clear wall. The rest of the walls in the room should be relatively plain.

– Fill each frame with a photograph before putting it on the wall. This will make matching the frames and photos together easier.

– Set out your design on the floor before you put it on the wall, bare in mind the colours within the photographs as well as the colours in the frame.

– Accept that it wont be perfect! You’ll end up with a million holes in your wall if you are too particular, let it be, it’s all part of the charm!