Kate Travels: Pai


So, at the moment I am in Pai, which is a super hippie town in the very north of Thailand. I’d never heard of it before my friend suggested it but I am glad we came. It’s the sort of place that people come to for a few days and end up never leaving. I think it’s a bit too hippie for me long term but I am enjoying it whilst I’m here. Everyone is friendly and the weather is so much cooler than the south, which I like a lot. This morning I was actually a bit chilly, which hasn’t happened in a while. I have rented a moped and, despite my lack of driving ability, I am riding around Pai like a pro. The mountains here are all super high and it’s really fun. We’ve visited waterfalls and all sorts of amazing places.


Me up a very high mountain visiting a temple in Chiang Mai


‘Love’; Pai is so hippie.


My Moped :)


Pai Canyon is probably not a lot like the Grand Canyon but it is quite pretty.

Next we are going to Kanchanaburi and then down to the islands. I am very, very excited for this.

Love Kate