Monday Mixtape


Hello dear reader/listener, I hope you’re well. The last few mix tapes, you may have noticed, have followed a theme. For this weeks mix tape, the first of this glorious October, I have decided to do away with a theme. Although I would like to say there was a reason for this, there is not, I just simply couldn’t come up with a good theme. Instead, I’ve compiled a selection of the songs I’ve had on repeat this week, drilling each measure of the song into my memory. I hope you enjoy the mix and get obsessed with some of these tracks too. Peace out.

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1)    Devendra Banhart – Never Seen Such Good Things

The shining light of last decade’s freak-folk scene, Devendra Banhart has settled down a bit during his four-year absence. With the long locks of hair he used to sport gone, his new album, Mala, shows a more focused and mature spirit. ‘Never Seen Such Good Things’ is the standout track.

2)    CHVRCHES – Lungs

Making waves in the music press, Glasgow’s CHVRCHES are the most hyped for the end of 2013. The hype, fortunately, can be backed up, and their debut record, The Bone of What You Believe, is one of the catchiest and most joyful albums of the year.

3)    Thee Oh Sees – Toe Cutter – Thumb Buster

The best riff of the year, this song is blistering.

4)    The Black Tambourines – Blackout

I’ll confess a conflict of interest, as the guys in this band are friends of mine. However, their self-titled debut album has just been released on Art Is Hard Records and the album kicks ass. Check them out live if they’re playing in a town near you, they’re great.

5)    Richard Youngs – Summer Through My Mind

Obscenely prolific Scottish singer-songwriter, Richard Youngs is best described as erratic. Never expect anything from him as he constantly mutates and changes his sound, but on this track he’s crafted a great, lo-fi pop song.

6)    Chelsea Wolfe – The Waves Have Come

After two albums that showed considerable promise, Chelsea Wolfe’s new album Pain Is Beauty fulfils all the promise she has shown thus far. A breathtakingly beautiful album, ‘The Waves Have Come’ is seductive, melancholic and aching. Soak in the rest of the album.

7)    Dustin Wong – Tall Call Cold Sun

Maybe this is not for everyone, but I think this is such a gorgeous track. Dustin Wong creates a beautiful, kaleidoscopic soundscapes. Listen to the album from start to finish, with the lights down, headphones on, and no distractions. You will not regret getting lost for a while with this music.

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