Material World: Polaroids

So, i have been doing these Material World posts recently, one of which being The burning house, in which i photographed what i would save in a house fire. In this post, i touched upon my beloved polaroid collection – well here it is! Well, some of it.. Alot of my photo booth pictures & polaroids are framed and displayed on walls in my house, pinned to cork boards.. etc. This collection is just the ones that are currently without a displayable home. (some of my favourites you will see in a photo wall post here).

So i have a polaroid camera.. This one to be precise. I can’t for the life of me remember where or when i got it.. but it was a long time ago, before instant photographs where all the rage, i was perhaps 18? I also have a silver & blue fujifilm instax camera, but it must be pretty rare because i can’t find a single picture of the exact camera..

The problem is with this type of camera, the film is SO expensive. I won’t get into the woes of film photography becoming so expensive it soon will only be accessible to the rich and famous.. all i will say is there is no feeling like developing a film by hand, enlarging the negative and tray developing.. digital photography is great, but for me it’s like.. a fake ski slope vs real snow, or Bollinger vs Asti. ( i love Asti actually, but that’s not the point ;)

At 18, i had a friend who worked in a farm shop, they had a mountainous back room full of stock that hadn’t sold, etc and one day he came home with a huge bag full of Polaroid 600 films, the real deal, all recently expired but get this – they had ‘no use’ for them and wondered if i wanted them.. YES! I kept my mouth shut about the fact there was probably £500 worth in the bag.. I still actually have one film left from this nestled at the back of my parents fridge. So over the next few years i took many polaroids of the best times.


Top left to Bottom right: Kate in her best dress watching TV. Me & Nathalie; ‘if in doubt, wink, peace & pout.’ Charly & Tom on one of the best days. The view from our beloved Botley home. Tom & I. Katie & I on the day i cut my own fringe. Katie & i in Aberdeen with signed arms. Katie & Steven on the bumper cars on tour.


Top right to bottom left: Tom eating breakfast in Falmouth. Nathalie & I. Miniature golf on tour. My mother & her horse, Miloh. Tom & I. Kate & I, Tom, Jack & I in Falmouth.

Then of course there are the photobooth photographs. In this collection i have my brothers first passport photograph, photos we took whilst waiting for my car to be repaired on tour, Jack & i in our first month of dating and so much more..


This collection wasn’t taken by me but it’s one of my favourites; Jacks dad has run his own architectural design company for years and years (before digital photography) and he used to stick Polaroids to his files to identify which plans where for which home, on a clean out a couple of years ago, Jack salvaged this collection for me. I love them.