So you have trouble with sleep, until you have read and made all adjustments suggested on my previous WAKE UP post, and they have had time to take effect, here are some ways to stay awake!

1. Caffeine! Most of you probably already rely on this to even get out of bed in the morning. Tea, Coffee, Red Bull, starbucks, Costa, it is literally everywhere. Use it and use lots of it (not too much). But stop a few hours before bed!

2. Good diet – My mother studied to become a personal trainer with a huge amount of nutritional training. A good, healthy & varied diet is vital to a happy healthy life – this has been drummed into me. Stop with the Fad diets, if your body is craving something, figure out why – what are you lacking? A low iron level can leave you feeling tired and groggy – amongst other things. Ask your docs if you think you’re severely lacking.

3. Regular exercise – there must be some sort of exercise you can enjoy. If you hate hard hitting working up a sweat, try something a little lower key, like Yoga or pilates (but don’t think this is an easy option). If you’re self conscious, there are plenty of exercises you can do within your own home – google can help you out with this.

4. Fresh air, apparently it can wake you up fast. I suppose a change in atmosphere keeps the body alert and interested, but i cant find a scientific reasoning on this – just trust me & open a window.

5. Keep active – Take a walk outside on your lunch break, if only to buy something for dinner from the local shop.

6. keep busy – for most of us this isn’t an issue, but if you are sat slumped on the sofa staring at the TV all day, your mind will be bored and that slight transition from awake to asleep may be too easy to give in to.

7. Listen to some upbeat music – Jackson 5, always perks me up.