Charly: Halloween reading


My room is full of books; I will read anything I can get my hands on; but if there is one thing that has taken over my bookshelf lately, it’s Point Horrors.

Point horror books, to this day I love them! They took over teen reading in the late 80’s and through the 90’s. I loved the cheese, the gripping story lines, the classic 80’s names and clothing descriptions! Granted, they were so much more intense when I was 11, but now if I fancy a Sunday read one of these will do fine.
It was normally about a new girl who likes the handsome and mysterious guy in school. With killer consequences!

Over the years I have slowly built up my collection of Point Horrors, so now they fill up a few shelves on my bookshelf. This did include not long ago, buying a bulk load from Ebay.. Yes. I know I’m 25.


When I was younger I would take my pocket money down to the book shopeach week and spend ages inf ront of the Point horror section deciding which one to buy. The selling point for me was the classic tag lines.

‘It’s no joke, it’s murder’ – April fools
‘She used to be DEAD popular’ -Krazy 4 u
‘Knock, knock who’s there? Don’t ask’ -Baby sitter 2

Now you can see why this was such a hard decision, with my precious £5. Quite annoying now that I can pick 5 up from e bay for the same price!
Are you ever too old for a bit of nostalgia? I think not. And as Halloween is creeping up behind us, one of these with a cup of tea seems like a good idea to me!

I’m sorry to say to those of you who would of chosen Goosebumps over Point Horror back in the day.. I wasn’t a Goosebumps girl. I found PH slightly more entertaining. Though some of my friends -who I dragged around second hand bookshops, looking for PH books missing from my collections, would strongly disagree. There were hundreds of Goosebumps books on the shelves, but we had to give up the search for Point Horrors after the 10th shop. Sorry guys!

If you ever fancy a giggle and a light read and you haven’t read one before, I think that you will enjoy these. For those of you who have previously read, take a walk down memory lane with me and just remember to look behind you as you do so!

Happy October guys.


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