Charly: Viva Las Vegas


Hi all!

I have just returned from my jam packed holiday in sunny Las Vegas. While still recovering from jet lag and missing Vegas life, I am glad to not be eating so much fattening food, I never thought I would be so glad to eat a salad.

Me and my BFF, took in the sights and life of the city that never sleeps and also took in the breath-taking grand canyon, Hollywood, Santa Monica pier and took a ride down route 66 in Arizona.

How did my gambling go I hear you ask? Well, I won a life changing amount of about $4 in total. Lady luck was not on my side.. I also don’t really understand how to use the slot machines – maybe if I did who knows what would have happened!


The hotels down the strip are of course the main attractions, and walking the 4 mile strip to see them all was amazing, my feet however may not agree.

Stepping into each hotel, is stepping into another world! They’re all themed and all so big that for a second you forget where you are. You can take a walk from the Luxor and be in Egypt! Have some amazing food, then take a walk down to New York and in a few minutes have a drink at the Coyote Ugly bar. This is after all the shopping in the hotels own malls of course.


The grand canyon is one of the best things that I have ever seen! I could have spent all day looking at it; it truly is breath-taking. Be advised however if you do go and someone asks you to describe it, don’t say “it’s big” you may get some strange looks. It’s in the name. I know that now.

I would suggest this place to anyone! It’s got all you need right outside your door.

I am still in need of some catch up sleep now i am home, missing the Las Vegas sunshine and the many characters you get out there. It is a truly unforgettable people!

Viva Las Vegas!

Charly bee x

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