This week i have been loving:

Vanilla & coconut scented candles – UHHH i never thought i would fall for the scented candle hype, but there is nothing like coming home to that magnificent smell!

Cacti! – I have always wanted to own cacti and for some reason i never have and now i own 3, they look lovely on my windowsill and i hope i wont kill them .. can you kill cacti??

Buzzfeed – have i said this one before? At any given time there are atleast 10 articles i can procrastinate with, they provide a good laugh along the way.

Iphone 5c – I upgraded last weekend, from an Iphone 4 to a 5c – a yellow one. It was a lot to commit to a colour and i’m sure if i had previously owned an iphone 5 i would be disappointing with the upgrade, but since i didn’t even have siri on my ancient 4 and that not only the front of my screen but also the back of the phone was shattered, i was relieved to say the least. and IOS7 looks even more beautiful on the extra few cm’s of screen, so this week i have been loving my shiny new phone!

Christmas! Don’t hate me, i have been photographing all my stock to go live next week – keep your eyed peeled.

Rain – another not so popular opinion. Being at home in the warm with a huge cuppa tea while it’s chucking it down outside – is it just me?

and finally – THIS – sooo coool!