Kate Travels: Beaches, beaches and more beaches…

So I have been sunning myself on the most beautiful beaches, drinking super nice cocktails, going on exciting adventures and listening to lovely music for the past 4 weeks and now, tomorrow, I have to return to work. I know I shouldn’t complain because, relatively, I have quite a good job and I get to see smiley, happy faces everyday and play fun games. But I won’t lie, I am sad. If I could live on an island for the rest of my life I would. But unfortunately, my island of choice, Koh Tao, has no secondary school for me to work at.

I promise this week I will sort through the photos I have and post some awesome ones. Unfortunately I broke my iphone on the boat from Koh Phangan to Koh Tao and lost a good majority of my pictures so I only have the daytime ones that I took on my camera. Somebody – me – thought it was a good idea to sit on the outside of the boat during a rather heavy rainstorm and my phone paid the price. This was a silly decision, I’m aware of that now but at the time it seemed way more fun to sit outside where it was quite warm, if only a bit wet, than inside where it was freezing cold because they cranked the air-con up. Bad decision.

When I was on Koh Tao, there is this bar called Lotus bar and everyday this guy plays music and sings there. He is AMAZING and there are some songs I will always associate with sitting on that beach. His name is Simon Crockett and here is him singing, I hope you like it. I would encourage everyone to make the journey to this island, spend the day learning to scuba dive and spend the evening listening to this chap.

Love Kate

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