Monthly Goals (PII)


I must be honest, i am a terrible goal setter. I didn’t even look at these goals throughout this month! I have been knee deep in Santa memorabilia, fluffy stocking (the Christmas kind) & candy canes. But FINALLY after what feels like years of hard work, we have 10 beautiful, wonderful Christmas packs on the website. There are many, many more to come but i am just so thankful to be able to breathe a sigh of relief that it is the 1st of November and we are ready for Christmas! We even have a jazzy Christmas PACK IT IN Logo (
So as i have mentioned a zillion times, i do everything myself for PACK IT IN, from sourcing items to the costing of the packs to the photographing and let me tell you, this is no challenge i take lightly. I like to think that just because i chose to do it all myself does not mean that any aspect of PII should suffer and that is what i will be working particularly hard on. I sat down last night and made a Christmas list. So this month i suppose it’s more of a Christmas goals than a monthly goals; but goals none the less!

* Upgrade the shop! As i have previously mentioned, i currently sell through many platforms, but mainly Big Cartel, i pay $9.99 a month (about £7) to sell up to 25 items with 3 photos of each. The next upgrade is $19.99 (about £26) to sell up to 1000(!) items with 5 photos of each. Obviously there are other perks such as seeing where your traffic is coming from, etc. But what a jump! 25 to 1000 – now i don’t see myself make shifting anywhere near 1000 packs but i would love to be able to offer a huge variety, especially for Christmas so i plan to upgrade, just for November & December and add many many more packs – something for everyone!

* MARKETING, my old frenemy. the biggest problem i have with marketing is you cant just send a few emails and pay some money and its done, you have to constantly work and work and work at it, its tireless, but for the next two months, consider me Mrs marketing PRO. I have a little bit of a budget and a huge amount of determination.

* Ebay! A colleague of mine asked if i had ever considered selling my packs on Ebay, which got me thinking – it reaches a wider audience than my little website, it costs a pretty minimal amount as it’s super easy to use – but does anyone search on Ebay for gifts? surely it’s just for used items? NOPE! I put a Happy birthday her pack up there a couple of months ago and although i wouldn’t say i have sold bucket loads, i have sold a lot, they tend to click through to my website as well and i have been getting on average between 200 & 300 views a month on this one pack. SO i will be putting some lovely Christmas packs up on Ebay to see how they do.

* Spend less time promoting Wedding packs, Wedding packs are one of our biggest sellers, but it is far from wedding season and my time can be spent in a more lucrative way if i focus all my energies on Christmas packs, just for a couple of months (Bridal packs with still be on sale!)

* This blog has taken a bit of a hit lately with everything else going on, i have let regular posting slide, i am planning on increasing my hours working in the evenings and weekends so i can get more quality content on the blog, if its a choice between posting lesser quality more often and posting less often, but with higher quality, i definitely know which this blog needs. I will also be having a rethink about the type of posts i am writing – get this back on track with lots of lovely new material!

I also wrote a few more garbled point which i won’t bore you any further with, but please check out our current Christmas packs over on the main shop and keep checking pack for lots of lovely new additions :)
Happy November folks, wrap up warm xoxo