November: Sparklers, House warmings & starbys red cups!


Hello November, where have you been all my life? I think November may actually be my favourite month. I might be the only one who loves the dark evenings, when i finish work and the sun has set and i know i’m heading home to a warm house, a good dinner a chillout on the sofa, i’m a happy bunny. The dark seems to make it cosier and it’s not like December because it’s not frosty or and we are still a few weeks of that type of cold which makes your lungs hurt, that sure gets old quickly.

But the main reason i love November is FIREWORKS. I LOVE Fireworks! They are just so beautiful, i could happily watch them for hours and not get bored.

This personal goals might be a bit rubbish this month if i’m honest with you. All the hours in the day are being put towards a PACK IT IN Christmas, which i am more than happy to be doing, it just doesn’t make for much of an interesting post! SO perhaps i will tell you a few things i am trying to fit into a very minimal personal life?

One of my very bestest friends, Gazz is getting married a couple of days after Christmas, and not only do i plan on spending a little more time getting to know his fiance, Bethan. But i have big plans for a wedding gift, everything is slower in the lead up to christmas, more sell out stock, longer wait times, so i need to be ahead of my game with this one. (more info on that later)

My father in law’s birthday is coming up just before Christmas and Jack & i have a great plan to gift him something great but it is something that will take up a lot of time, so i desperately need to get working on this, there aren’t enough hours in the day!

I also have my mother & brothers birthdays coming up, one of my bestest friends Helen. Another good friend, Rache has bought her first house and i am planning something lovely to take with us up to London in a couple of weeks time.. YES i love giving gifts.

I am also planning to do a little research on ways to save money, from small adjustments whether changing our electricity / gas supplier could be good.. perhaps i will do a blog series on this. Everyone could do with a few extra pennies around Christmas time.. right?

And finally, go to as many Fireworks displays as physically possible!!

I would finally like to note, that i give myself to permission to drink AS MANY Starbys winter drinks as physically possible over the next two months, Soy milk is way less calories.. right?

Have a lovely November folks, get your sparklers out! xo