Distracted by Mark, Tom & Travis.

Yes, yes, i know. The blogging has been a little sparse as of late. I have given up all glimpses of a social life and still can’t find time to write a few little posts to keep this blog alive.

So last night after a long day of work i settled in with the fire on and my mac in front of me with the FULL intentions of making a perfect blog schedule and getting some wonderful material up on this here blog. Really, i had the best of intentions.. and then i saw a link on my Facebook..

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 09.48.21

And if you know anything about me, it must be my age old love, obsession even, for Blink-182. So OF COURSE i followed this link and i ‘fangirled’ (not an expression i use lightly) for over two hours – It was a live stream of an intimate show in LA, once the show was over, they repeated it again and again. 5 songs from their self titled album, a rendition of Dammit & a poorly blanked out version of the family song, then a Q&A. What i wouldn’t give to have been there in person.. to see Blink perform to just a few hundred people with a Q&A afterwards.

Now i will never be able to write as eloquently as Tom does on our Monday Mixtapes, or explain to you how they literally shaped me as a person and have been such a huge part of every step of my life since before i even hit teenage angst. But perhaps you would like to know about the time i just happened to be behind Tom DeLonge in a Subway queue (he ordered a turkey sub with everything on, no mayo), or the time my best friend Kate & i were the only people let into the sound check of a +44 show. The time I saw blink in California and had every possession i own stolen in return for VIP tickets, maybe you’d like to see the photos from the VIP photo booth with blink smileys stamped all over them. Of course there was the year i went to both Reading & Leeds festivals just so i didn’t miss a Blink set. The third night in a row that i met Tom and he remembered my name after pinky promising me he would on the first night. YES, i am definitely a fan girl.

God i met some really great people following blink around the world and made some even better memories. But I am coming up to 25, 25!! I can’t even fathom how this has happened, i swear i was just 18 yesterday. But after watching the show last night and realising that the untitled album has been around for 10 years now – 10 years! I remember the day this epic album came out, i worked myself up so much that i was too sick to go and get it, so my mum was at HMV the second it opened and i sat in our front room with my Sony CD walkman.. I remember when they went on hiatus and i threw up countless times and refused to go to school, I remember making copies of The Mark Tom & Travis show for everyone i know because i couldn’t stand to think there were people who hadn’t heard it. i mean come on! It’s hilarious! Even now my house is littered with Blink memorabilia, my car proudly wears a huge Blink smiley in the back window, and of course there’s the tattoos.. But it has been 10 years, and i loved neighbourhoods, of course i did, i am happy to admit that if any member of blink released any sort of music i wouldn’t say a bad word against it. They have given me so much over the years..

To get to the POINT. Last night when i had all these big work plans i just sat watching blink 182, distracted by Mark, Tom & Travis and then it occurred to me that i am 24 & 1/2, meant to be doing work and i am watching Blink 182. In university i used to listen to blink over and over and watch Youtube videos instead of writing my dissertation, in college i would watch the urethra chronicles over and over (and never failed to cry at the end). In fact i missed weeks of school & university following blink around the UK. In school all of my work books and my locker was covered in pictures of the band, i procrastinated from school work & GCSE revision by making mixtapes of my favourite blink songs.. and last night, sat in my own house, as a married woman i was being distracted by those boys again. So Yes, we can all celebrate 10 years of the breakthrough untitled album but i, personally am celebrating many more years of being distracted by Blink-182.