Charly: The Christmas list!


I have taken on the task this year of my friends wrapping, and finances.

This is somewhat interesting as their family is rather large a lot like mine so I was more than happy to help.

By now a lot of people start to look at their finances and worry about Christmas, and this is completely understandable and normal! Who doesn’t?

To help ease the money worry, my family (not including myself) have set up a secret Santa this year for each other. This is a great idea. The only reason I didn’t participate is because I love giving gifts to my loved ones.

So what other ways can you ease the worries of Christmas spending? I have set up a list of a few things for you to look at to help you de stress, in the shopping weeks leading up to Christmas.

Get a head start

If you haven’t started shopping, now is the time to plan to. As the days roll on, the shops get busier and stress levels increase tenfold! A lot of people leave shopping to the last minute. The busiest weekend for shopping this year starts on the 6th.. So get out there while you can.

Make a list

This is so simple but people fail to do this. Write a list of who you’re buying for and your price range.

It’s that simple.

Secret Santa

As I mentioned, this is a good idea to save pennies. Set a limit, and get that one person something they would love, without thinking, right, now to the next person.


This is most important. A lot of people do set ones, and then find they buy something for someone that costs more than they have for someone else so they end up buying extra.

Stick to your budget! If this is per person, compile lists of who you need and ideas. If this is overall, divide by person, family or couple. You don’t have to buy each of your cousins a present, and a separate one for your aunt and uncle. A joint one is always just as nice, not as stressful, or as expensive!

Get creative!

A present shouldn’t be about cost. It’s about the thought that went into it. This should be your thoughts when shopping. Not “which one costs more?” a handmade gift is even better. You could put your cooking skills into action and make, cookies, jam, cakes or chutney. You can make candles, bath bombs, bath salts, draw a picture, knit or sew.. the possibilities could go on!

Wrapping + tags

The fact is, it’s going to get torn off. Very few people look at the wrapping. Unless you’re in my family where I tell people to note it! You don’t need to spend the earth on paper. You can even wrap presents in brown paper, or get children to draw on paper and wrap presents that way. Make your own labels with old card, second hand book pages stuck on card looks great! Recycling is the way to go.

Christmas cards

Again they don’t have to cost the earth! You’re wishing someone a merry Christmas, not showing of that you like to shop at high end places. You can make them, or write a short note to attach to your gifts. Your words are more important than a price tag.

And of course the Pack it in shop has some great ideas for whoever you need to buy a gift for!


Hope this helps you. Good luck out there.

Charly bee


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