Boxing Clever

So the reason i have been MIA from the blog recently is because i decided to change the PACK IT IN boxes, which meant rephotographing every pack along with some new ones as well, quite a large task, especially with Christmas just around the corner. So we are going from this:


To this!

Untitled UntitledxmsThe box is now bigger and square whilst still being recyclable / reusable. I choose to make this change for a couple of reasons – first and foremost it was from customer feedback, a few people commented on the look of the boxes and said they would prefer something more traditionally gift looking and secondly because i felt the size of the previous box was holding back a few ideas, i had always wanted to include mugs and a few other bits which are too large to fit in our previous boxes and now we are free to pack as many bits and bobs in as we can!

The new box measures 200 x 200 x 87mm and is wrapped in a fancy red ribbon – we have special snowflake ribbon for Christmas! So almost all of our packs are up and ready to buy in our new box, so what are you waiting for ?