A catchup, a box swap & a favour


Hello Folks, I hope you are well :)

I thought i would just post a little diary catch up to let you know what has been going on. I’m sure i mentioned that the second business i run usually quietens right down this time of year – not for any reason, it’s just the experience of sale patterns in the last few years, but typically this year the sales have increased by 300%, which of course is great! But i loaded my PII work load up thinking this other business would be very quiet and now i am struggling to keep my head above water. As previously posted about, the new PACK IT IN Boxes are so exciting and we are well on our way to the lead up to Christmas. My little brothers 16th birthday was yesterday, and i always feel much more christmassy once that date has passed.

I actually took a weekend off last weekend!!!!!! My first in a very long time, I spent it with my very dearest, lifelong friends. Helen & Nat & Rache i have known forever, and they are some of the best people i know. We had drinks and good food and saw Raches lovely new flat. It was so wonderful to spend time with them. Helen actually joined the team yesterday, you can read her ‘Meet Helen’ here – i cant wait for some great blog entries from her (she has THE cutest little boy).

I have been trying to balance the many awkward winter birthdays with getting our Christmas shopping together, Jack – like any bloke is useless with that kind of thing, if it were up to him everyone would have socks. I love giving gifts more than anything and having started at the beginning of November, i like to think I’ve given myself enough time but we shall soon see.

I sent my Oh Comely November Care package off last week, my swapper was a girl called Aofie and although i did plan some things in advance, because of the weekend away and the busy business front, quite predictably, i ended up rushing to get it sent. Aofie told me she was an adventurer who loves traveling and especially loved sports.. I sent her a book of 101 things to do before you die & a small plastic football game along with a mix CD of my favourite songs, a floral handkerchief left over from the vintage ones we gifted at our wedding, a Teapigs teabags and some hot chocolate, a new Carmex lip balm and various other things. I haven’t received anything back yet but i will be sure to show you guys when i do :)

I am writing this on Friday and i am so thankful for this weekend, although i have lots to keep an eye on business wise, i also have a million things that need doing at home. That is of course after i do the million things on my work to do list today :)

Lastly, If you got this far, thank you.I wonder if i could ask of you to share our shop with your friends? Whether on twitter, facebook, by phone or even postcard.. It is our first Christmas and we need to reach as many eyes as possible, so tell your mum to share with her friends and ask your friends to retweet.. It would mean the world to me.


Thank you xo