Oh i haven’t done a Sunday post in a little while so here is a Sunday post on a Monday for you!

Things i have been loving this week:

Red cups – Gingerbread Lattes yes, of course. But this week i am praising the lesser mentioned/tweeted Toffee nut latte. Delicious. I’m not one for photographing my beverages (not often, anyway) So you will just have to google it ;)

Hot water bottles – Last night it finally got too chilly for me to go to bed unaided, queue the savior, hot water bottle with a knitted cover. Now i never want to know what nights are like without you, my warm, soft friend.

Lily Allen – Hard out here! For no other reason but i love the song, so catchy. I love everything Lily Allen has done <3

Christmas Adverts – I’m quite a hard nut to crack, but my other half, Jacko, is the apitomy of a wet blanket, he cries at the drop of a hat. This time of year i can pop off to do something durin’ the ad break and by the time i return he is in tears because of the kids on the Sainsbury’s advert.. This is on my favourites list because it proves me with lots of laughs.

I’m a Celeb – Oh Ant & Dec, i think i would watch anything you wanted to grace my television with and I’m a celeb is a prime example of CLASSIC Ant & Dec.

Helen! I am loving having Helen on the blog, i can’t wait for the first installment of her exciting life of being a full time mummy whilst studying a full time degree <3

FINALLY my 3 o’clock tea break, because without you, this post wouln’t be finished.

Stay warm, readers x