Kate Travels: Christmas

Now that Christmas is drawing near (it’s basically December and I am sat here in my office at school with an out of the packet cappuccino in 33 degree heat) I am starting to miss quite a few Christmassy home comforts that I would be enjoying this time of year. The part of Thailand that I live in is getting surprisingly festive. This morning the girls in Big C were trying on santa hats when I went in to get my breakfast and the school is in the swing of arranging the Christmas assembly. It’s all go go go, but I don’t have a woolly hat keeping my head warm and I haven’t had the chance to marvel at any Christmas lights.

So my list of things I am really missing right now goes like this:


1. Woolly jumpers
So I’ve never been a big fan of Christmas themed jumpers due to their uneconomical usage but I do love woolly jumpers in general – the bigger the better. Sometimes at school I wear a cardigan because my classroom gets a bit chilly when the kids make me put all 3 air-con units on full blast, but a cotton cardigan is NOT the same as a cosy, woolly jumper.


2. Woolly hats
I am a big advocate of woolly hats. People say you shouldn’t wear them indoors but I do. I like that they flatten my wild hair as well/hide it. So i think Cara Delevigne is as annoying as the next person but she does wear some good woolly hats.

3. Christmas shopping
For me, Southampton at Christmas reminds of being a kid again and it’s all part of the excitement of Christmas. I love buying gifts and the Christmas market is lovely. Also i will miss wrapping presents and buying presents and deciding what to buy people and then the excitement on Christmas day of giving people their gifts.

3.4. Christmas Tele
Ok, so I will be playing a lot of Christmassy movies this December for English club. I want us to watch Elf and home alone and some other classics, but it’s not the same as sitting down on the sofa (sofas don’t generally exist this far around the world) and watching Christmas tele inside whilst it’s frosty outside. Nothing competes.


5. Speciality Lattes
I know I go on about this a lot but Thai iced coffee is not the same. Also me and my mum go to costa a lot and sit and talk nonsense over a latte and a cappucino so I think i miss this too quite a lot.

6. Christmas/English food in general.
I’ve never been a massive fan of roast dinners but I would genuinely love one right now. Also, mince pies would be lovely.


7. Cold weather
I do occasionally miss being cold. I really like winter clothes and wearing flip flops and shorts constantly gets a bit boring at times. Don’t get me wrong, I know deep down in my heart that England is not quite as postcardy and lovely as this image above but the longer I spend away the more I romanticise it… right now, this is how I picture home. Ha.

8. Family and friends
So tomorrow my dad and my brother arrive in Thailand and I get to see them on Tuesday so I do get to have some family time this december. It’s going to be sssooooooo much fun and I can’t wait. I just have to wiz through 2 days of school and then I get to see them. But other than them I do miss so many people and doing fun Christmassy things like going gift shopping and going for meals and going to the pub for mulled wine. I guess most of all I will miss people from home this Christmas. I’m not complaining though because I know how lucky I am to be here and I love my job and I love Thailand but I also love everyone from home to bits.

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