Happy Birthday Katie


Today is Saturday the 7th December 2013 and the day that my bestest friend in the world turns 24!

Kate is currently living & teaching in Thailand and although i shipped her brother off with plenty of gifts and love for her, i thought i would tell you all about my special friend Kate. Stop me if i start rambling ;)

Kate and I met because I dated her brother. I moved in with her family at the age of 17 and we hit it off straight away. We share a huuge love/obsession for Blink-182, anything creative and Topshop. I can’t describe what our relationship is like really. Their family always ate dinner around the table together and her wonderful mum, Sam & Dan used to get furious at us because we just used to talk and talk and laugh and laugh and everyone used to feel left out. Dan, her brother. Said recently that being around us when we are together is like being the only person that doesn’t get the joke. And I think that somes us up really.

Our shared love for Blink has taken us all over the country – once I had passed my driving test. I have the BEST memories of playing mini golf in Scotland & cleaning our teeth in carparks.. not to mention meeting the band. We also started our own photography company for a little while, we got to meet some really awesome people, although names aren’t either of our strong points and we ended up giving everyone nicknames and still don’t know anyones real name.. Biggy is still my favourite though.

Ohh, I could tell you SO many tour stories.. and so many other stories. Katie has been in Thailand for 6 months now, it feels so much longer than that! Katie, i love you and i cannot wait until you come home to us so we can make so many more fun memories like the ones below. Love you billllllions xoxoxoxoxox

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