Charly: What a cracker!!


Everyone has their own family traditions. In mine, we have dinner Christmas Eve. Stockings are opened with my brother, sister, niece and nephew on my mum and dads bed – if we can all fit that is!

At dinner we all try and fit around our table. This is always full of giggles as we are all at different sizes around the table.

These are my fav parts of Christmas. I’d love to hear yours :)

But a classic object around our Christmas table, and most peoples, is the Christmas cracker. You don’t need to spend a lot on fancy ones, try these ones that you can make yourself. I’d much rather a little message from a friend than the usual joke!

Why not Give this a go:

Your will need:

Old wrapping paper
Loo roll barrel
A snap
A piece of paper for your note

Place the barrel in the middle of the paper. Leave room at each end.

Add the snap at the end of the paper.

Place the gifts and notes in the middle of the barrel – with mine, i included a little chocolate, a paper snowman, stars, a pressie and a fairy I made :)

Roll it tight away from you and tape it neatly down.

Add ribbon and tie the ends.

Cut ends to preferred size.

Then snap crackle and pop! A homemade cracker!


Happy Christmas!
Charly bee x

(You can read more about Charly here)