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Last weekend was my birthday weekend and due to the fact I work for a lovely company, have a lovely family and it was the King of Thailand’s 86th birthday, I got to… Continue reading

Kate Travels: Christmas

Now that Christmas is drawing near (it’s basically December and I am sat here in my office at school with an out of the packet cappuccino in 33 degree heat) I am starting… Continue reading


Source. Oh i haven’t done a Sunday post in a little while so here is a Sunday post on a Monday for you! Things i have been loving this week: Red cups –… Continue reading

Kate Travels: Loy Krathong

So we celebrated Loy Krathong in my town last weekend. I wasn’t expecting much because it’s a small town and the festival was on Sunday, so I figured everyone would want a quiet… Continue reading

A catchup, a box swap & a favour

Hello Folks, I hope you are well :) I thought i would just post a little diary catch up to let you know what has been going on. I’m sure i mentioned that… Continue reading

Kate Travels: Scrapbook

Heyyyyyy everybody. So, it has taken me a little while to get myself sorted in my new accommodation in Thailand. I HAVE MOVED. YAYAYAYA. And I’ve been so, so, soo busy since I… Continue reading

Distracted by Mark, Tom & Travis.

Yes, yes, i know. The blogging has been a little sparse as of late. I have given up all glimpses of a social life and still can’t find time to write a few… Continue reading

November: Sparklers, House warmings & starbys red cups!

Hello November, where have you been all my life? I think November may actually be my favourite month. I might be the only one who loves the dark evenings, when i finish work… Continue reading

Monthly Goals (PII)

I must be honest, i am a terrible goal setter. I didn’t even look at these goals throughout this month! I have been knee deep in Santa memorabilia, fluffy stocking (the Christmas kind)… Continue reading

Kate Travels: Beaches, beaches and more beaches…

So I have been sunning myself on the most beautiful beaches, drinking super nice cocktails, going on exciting adventures and listening to lovely music for the past 4 weeks and now, tomorrow, I… Continue reading