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Happy Birthday Katie

Today is Saturday the 7th December 2013 and the day that my bestest friend in the world turns 24! Kate is currently living & teaching in Thailand and although i shipped her brother… Continue reading

Charly: The Christmas list!

I have taken on the task this year of my friends wrapping, and finances. This is somewhat interesting as their family is rather large a lot like mine so I was more than… Continue reading

Charly: Hello, Pumpkin!

October has ended and now we move on to thoughts of Christmas around the corner! I find Halloween so awesome, and love it when people decorate their house, dress up and really get… Continue reading

November: Sparklers, House warmings & starbys red cups!

Hello November, where have you been all my life? I think November may actually be my favourite month. I might be the only one who loves the dark evenings, when i finish work… Continue reading

Kate Travels: Beaches, beaches and more beaches…

So I have been sunning myself on the most beautiful beaches, drinking super nice cocktails, going on exciting adventures and listening to lovely music for the past 4 weeks and now, tomorrow, I… Continue reading

Kate Travels

HI EVERYONE!!! I’m sorry I’ve been a bit AWOL for the past few weeks. Charging my laptop has been a bit of a nightmare and also wifi is pretty sporadic. So I’ve been… Continue reading

Iphone wallpapers 2

So the ultimate most viewed post on this blog is Iphone screensavers! You lot are obviously all upgrading, as am i this weekend, so perhaps i’ll make this a regular things. For now,… Continue reading


source So you have trouble with sleep, until you have read and made all adjustments suggested on my previous WAKE UP post, and they have had time to take effect, here are some… Continue reading

Material World: Polaroids

So, i have been doing these Material World posts recently, one of which being The burning house, in which i photographed what i would save in a house fire. In this post, i… Continue reading

Sleep Series: Catching Zeds.

Now don’t go thinking i am a self help guru, i am certainly NOT. I have a very busy go go go lifestyle, lots of work, not so much play, but sleep has… Continue reading