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A catchup, a box swap & a favour

Hello Folks, I hope you are well :) I thought i would just post a little diary catch up to let you know what has been going on. I’m sure i mentioned that… Continue reading

Boxing Clever

So the reason i have been MIA from the blog recently is because i decided to change the PACK IT IN boxes, which meant rephotographing every pack along with some new ones as… Continue reading

Monthly Goals (PII)

I must be honest, i am a terrible goal setter. I didn’t even look at these goals throughout this month! I have been knee deep in Santa memorabilia, fluffy stocking (the Christmas kind)… Continue reading

monthly goals (PII)

Some days i can come into work, sit at my desk, work my way through my mountainous todo list quite successfully. Other days my brain is like a 4 year old child with… Continue reading

In Print

You may have seen me mention in my PPI monthly goals that we were featured in print this month.. Since starting Pack it in, our lovely gift hampers have been mentioned in many… Continue reading

Pin-spiration: Down to Business

Recently i have been looking on Pinterest for Business card inspiration, one of my monthly PII goals is to make some fliers, and i figure i may as well design some new cards… Continue reading

Day 4: Launch Day, Wedding Bathroom Baskets

So today was launch day, (a bit of a cheat with the photograph as i took that a little while ago :) ) PACK IT IN Bridal is now selling ready to buy… Continue reading

So Long, August (PII)

So this month has seen PACK IT IN feature in Print for the first time! But due to a huge rise in sales in CPWP, I haven’t had the time to pay the… Continue reading

The Story So Far (PII)

(Image source)   Hello! My PACK IT IN shop over at has been up and running for just over two months now and i wanted to create a place where i can… Continue reading