Kitties (contains swears)

It’s pretty self-explanatory really.. popular songs made to be all about kitties with incredible illustrations.. Genius. rude boy / rhianna soul meets body / death can for cutie call me maybe / carly… Continue reading

Day 5: Packing Order

This 30 day thing would probably be much more interesting if i didn’t spend most of my life in the office.. Today is a picture of orders being packs, two happy birthdays (which… Continue reading

Pin-spiration: Collecting

“While you are alive, collect moments, not things” But collections of things sure do look pretty, all together, like a family. source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source… Continue reading

Meet Charly

Hi there! I’m Charly. 25. Chatterbox. Fuss pot. I live down south with my lovely friends, family (not all down south) and my cute little Scotty dog. I love animals, being creative and… Continue reading

Day 4: Launch Day, Wedding Bathroom Baskets

So today was launch day, (a bit of a cheat with the photograph as i took that a little while ago :) ) PACK IT IN Bridal is now selling ready to buy… Continue reading

Pin-spiration: rings & things

(Sorry boys, this is one for the girls) I for one seem to collect jewellery, i have those treasured pieces passed down from grandparents, the bits bought back from holidays & traveling and… Continue reading

Day 3: Cheese on toast

Day 3, After staying over with B & walking with her to her first day of big school (tear); i came home from London. Where i live is about 1 hour 20 train… Continue reading


My name is Kate and I am 23 years old. I have 3 blink 182 tattoos; I love them with all my heart. I teach at a high school in Thailand. I studied… Continue reading

Day 2: Camden Lock & Flying the nest

Today was moving Day! My little sis is off to the big smoke, she is studying up there for a little while and i was helping her up with her mountains of stuff.… Continue reading

Monday Mix-Tape

7 days of music. 1. The Beach Boys – Surfin’ USA 2. The Shins – September 3. Bastille – Flaws 4. Neutral Milk Hotel – An aeroplane over the sea 5. Blink-182 –… Continue reading