Months ending in Brrrr, The C word & Insta-what?

Sunday is September 1st! So on Sunday we start the slow but inevitable change into the months ending in ‘ber’ .. Just the sound of that makes me want to put on my… Continue reading

Day 1: hopscotch, bad knees & BBQ

So day 1! A family BBQ. My parents home is quite out in the sticks, but is the best place for parties & get togethers, which happens to be what they do best.… Continue reading

So Long, August (PII)

So this month has seen PACK IT IN feature in Print for the first time! But due to a huge rise in sales in CPWP, I haven’t had the time to pay the… Continue reading


Hello, i am Laura! I am 24 & 1/3 I started PACK IT IN gifts a little while ago and i am the founder of all things PACK IT IN. I also run… Continue reading






The Story So Far (PII)

(Image source)   Hello! My PACK IT IN shop over at has been up and running for just over two months now and i wanted to create a place where i can… Continue reading

Strawberry Lemonade

This is a test post!