Charly: Viva Las Vegas

Hi all! I have just returned from my jam packed holiday in sunny Las Vegas. While still recovering from jet lag and missing Vegas life, I am glad to not be eating so… Continue reading

Snail Mail

After a few lovely post items the last few weeks i am remembering how much i love hand written letters. I received two from my favourite traveling friend, a whole bunch of wedding… Continue reading

Recipe Roundup: Lunch

Unfortunately, the office i work in has little more than a microwave & a sink, so unless i can bring it in from home to eat, my options are pretty limited. I wish… Continue reading

Monday Mixtape

Hello fellow humans, I hope you’re well. It has been another good preparatory gig week for me. Earlier in the week a dear friend of mine from Liverpool asked if I wanted to… Continue reading

Kate Travels

HI EVERYONE!!! I’m sorry I’ve been a bit AWOL for the past few weeks. Charging my laptop has been a bit of a nightmare and also wifi is pretty sporadic. So I’ve been… Continue reading

Iphone wallpapers 2

So the ultimate most viewed post on this blog is Iphone screensavers! You lot are obviously all upgrading, as am i this weekend, so perhaps i’ll make this a regular things. For now,… Continue reading

Monday Mixtape

Hello all. The inspiration for this week’s comes from a very good turn of events that happened to me over the last few days. On Monday, tickets for the UK reunion tour of… Continue reading

Charly: Halloween reading

My room is full of books; I will read anything I can get my hands on; but if there is one thing that has taken over my bookshelf lately, it’s Point Horrors. Point… Continue reading

The most important meal of the day?

To be honest with you, i never struggle to find something to knock up for breakfast – it is my favourite meal of the day. Whether its just rice krispies & OJ or… Continue reading


source So you have trouble with sleep, until you have read and made all adjustments suggested on my previous WAKE UP post, and they have had time to take effect, here are some… Continue reading