things i want to know something about

Source Since starting this blog and working hard to fill it with content i feel like i have learnt a few things. I am constantly more alert in looking for stuff that could… Continue reading

Pin-teresting: Instant Displays

What to do with all those beautiful polaroids that currently live in a dark draw or on a shelf. Inspired by my previous post of instant photographs: source source source source source source… Continue reading

Material World: Polaroids

So, i have been doing these Material World posts recently, one of which being The burning house, in which i photographed what i would save in a house fire. In this post, i… Continue reading

Monday Mixtape

Hello dear reader/listener, I hope you’re well. The last few mix tapes, you may have noticed, have followed a theme. For this weeks mix tape, the first of this glorious October, I have… Continue reading

Fringe Envy

There comes a time in every girls life when she considers the ultimate question; to fringe or not to fringe. With me, in fact there is a strict hair pattern, grow it longer… Continue reading

Kate Travels: Pai

Hi!!! So, at the moment I am in Pai, which is a super hippie town in the very north of Thailand. I’d never heard of it before my friend suggested it but I… Continue reading

Photo Wall

If you didn’t already know, i like photographs. I do have a degree in photography.. and i like to think i know quite a bit about it. The first thing i knew i… Continue reading

Pinspiration: Photo Wall

Photo Wall Pinspiration

Charly: Ten Classic horrors

October is here! And up and coming is Halloween, a day always marked under my calendar with lots of exclamation marks!!! With it being Halloween month, a rundown of a few classic horror… Continue reading

Smooth Operator

I went through a phase a little while back of making endless smoothies, i bough powdered spices like cinnamon and ginger to add, along with almond & coconut milk, fresh fruit, vegetables and… Continue reading